Become an Owner


Want to bank somewhere your input counts?

Acquiring membership in LaHave River Credit Union gives you the opportunity to become involved in the ownership and control of your financial institution. As a member you have the right to vote at AGM meetings on issues critical to your credit union.
Become an Owner

What are Credit Unions?

Often described as "peoples banks" credit unions are for people who want a say in their financial institutions. As owners, credit union members have equal voting rights and participate in decisions affecting the credit union. This puts control in the hands of our members, rather than in a head office, thousands of kilometers away. Putting members first is our credit unions number one priority. That means that instead of looking for ways to maximize profits for shareholders, credit unions are always looking for ways to help members make the most of their finances. Membership has other benefits - an equal vote in elections for the Board of Directors, which guides the policies of individual credit unions - and the opportunity to run for a board position.

Democratic Control

The fundamental operating principle of credit unions is democratic member - one vote.

How to become a member

Want to join, simply come in to our branch and open an account. To open an account you simply purchase a common share. This allows you to be a member-owner of the Credit Union with voting rights. It serves as part of the equity position of the Credit Union. Potential patronage dividends based on activity with the Credit Union may be paid.

Ownership types:

New adult members 1 share @ $5.00 each
18 years and below 1 share @ $5.00 each
Non-Profit organizations 1 share @ $5.00 each
Business accounts 1 share @ $5.00 each
Borrowing accounts 1 share @ $5.00 each
You have the opportunity to provide input into the direction of the credit union by attending our Annual General Meeting, joining a committee, or becoming a member of our Board of Directors.

Board of Directors Eligibility

In order to be eligible to serve as a Director of the LaHave River Credit Union Limited, the individual must be a Canadian citizen, nineteen years of age and be a member of the credit union.